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The truth about compression

Not all compression is made equal. How do we know? Because we’ve been pioneering the development of compression technology since the 1920s in Zeulenroda, Germany where it was first created to treat venous disorders.

Meticulously designed and manufactured on-site in Germany, our compression socks and sleeves deliver clinically effective, targeted compression where you need it most.

The REal Deal

Genuine, graduated, medical-grade compression that meets industry recognised standards.

Train harder, Recover Faster

Reduces muscle vibrations and boosts blood flow: improving circulation and helping to remove lactic acid and fluid build up.

Guaranteed to Last

There’s nothing worse than compression that loses its oomph after the first wash. Engineered to last even the toughest sessions.

In a game where teams are doing similar things, any advantage you can take to recover faster – you take it. Bauerfeind gives us that advantage.

James Rahme

Head Physio, Manly Sea Eagles

I wore the lower leg compression for my first marathon on Sunday. It was my first time wearing the compression and also the first time I haven’t cramped at all on a long run. Would highly recommend!




Train harder and recover faster with our range of medical grade compression socks and sleeves. Our compression range delivers clinically effective, graduated compression to boost blood flow and reduce muscle vibrations.

Calf Sleeves


Boosts blood flow and helps reduce muscle fatigue during exercise. Can aid in the management of lower leg injuries.

Arm Sleeves


Anatomically designed for maximum comfort. Allows you train at your best while minimising the risk of arm injuries and strains.

Thigh Sleeves


Reduce muscle vibrations and fight pain and fatigue. The support you need to prevent and recover from upper leg injuries.

Full Length Socks


Promotes blood flow with targeted compression. For maximum performance and fast recovery in any activity.

Mid Cut Socks


Relief pads and revolutionary functional zones stabilise the mid-foot to provide the comfort and support you need.

Low Cut Socks


Anatomically designed to reduce pressure on your sole and heel. A slim sock that's perfect for any activity.


Real medical grade compression is made up of two components: targeted, gradient compression and minimum compression levels. Basically, it should work like a reverse funnel, helping push blood back to the centre of your body.

The result? Improved blood circulation and faster transport of oxygen to your muscles, enabling them to regenerate faster. You’ll feel less sore, have less muscle cramps and reduce fatiguing muscle vibrations so you can perform at your best.

Gradient Compression

The further away from the centre of the body, the tighter it is. This helps push blood back towards the heart.

Minimum compression levels

The minimum level of pressure (in mmHg) that must be applied in order to be considered medical grade.

We've been developing our own patented knitting weaves and fabric compositions for over 90 years and our Performance Line features our most advanced technology yet. Ultra breathable, moisture wicking knits that are contoured to the shape of your body = the comfort and support you need to train like never before.

Compression that stays tight even after the toughest training sessions. Our compression is guaranteed for 6 months of normal wear and it's even machine washable (cold wash only + drip dry please!)

Our products come with a host of features based on the need and product use. With heel protection zones, achilles tendon comfort groove, relief sole zones and our ankle infinity zones, our socks not only compress at a medical grade but support you every step of the way to prevent excessive strain and irritation without limiting your freedom of movement.

Targeted Compression Zones

The functional zones increase the performance of the calf muscles through muscle specific compression, reduce irritating muscle vibrations, and keep your muscles in their optimal performance zone for longer.

Infinity Zone

Specially formed functional area for stabilising the arch of the foot and the ankle. Also supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents excess strain.

Relief Sole

Specially structured sole area to reduce the pressure load on the soles of your feet while running and help you cope with more strain over a longer period of time without limiting the foot's freedom of movement.

Heel Protection

Anatomical protection zone to protect the heel as the foot touches the ground, reduce the pressure load while running and effectively prevent excessive strain on the heel.

Achilles Tendon Comfort

Innovative comfort grooves relieves the sensitive area around your Achilles tendon and effectively reduces irritation on longer runs.

Team BAuerfeind

As an official partner of the Olympic Organising Committee, Bauerfeind is committed to helping athletes all around the world perform at their best. Here in Australia, we're proud to support elite and developing athletes as they push their bodies to the limit and strive to achieve their goals.

Brooke Stratton

Australian long jump record holder
2016 Olympic Finalist

"The Bauerfeind compression microfibre material allows for a super comfortable fit. I feel as though I'm not wearing anything on my calves but I know I'm getting the benefits. Since using the calf sleeves I can recover more rapidly between sessions and can get more out of my body in the gym and on the track."


Australian Gymnast
2018 Commonwealth Games SILVER Medalist

"As a gymnast, I do a lot of running, jumping and landing which puts an immense strain on my legs. The calf sleeves help my muscles recover quicker and reduce soreness after a big training session."

Henry Smith

Australian Long Jumper
2019 World championship representative

"Bauerfeind Performance has a heavy focus on creating the best compression gear in the game. And that is why I always know I'm in safe hands when I wear their compression gear. I immediately felt the support and protection my compression sleeve gave me when I tried it on for the first time. The thigh sleeves have significantly aided me in both my recovery and injury prevention."

Chris Remkes

Australian Gymnast
2018 Commonwealth Games Vault Champion

"I find the sleeves really comfortable. The right type of stretch and compression to work out in. I feel like my arms aren't as sore the following days compared to working out without the compression sleeves!"

Alex Viney

Australian Para-rower
2019 World Championship Representative

"The Bauerfeind sleeves are like no other! Until now I've struggled to find anything that allows me the freedom to train whilst achieving the level of support that my arm requires. I have found the compression aids in some of the sensations I have associated with my impairment - making my recovery smoother and faster. It allows me to front up to my next session in a better condition than anything I've experienced before."

Proud partner


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